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Sally ‘Wesh’ Waweru

I am Sally Njeri Waweru and poetry is my love.Poetry makes me feel limitless, like a bird, able to fly unapologetically.I am secretly obsessed with perfection. I am somewhat a perfectionist.I pay attention to detail. If I weren’t a poet, I would be a Gospel rapper…

My stage name is Sally Wesh Sally is the shortform of Salome, Wesh is short form of Waweru.I started poetry in 2013 June. I had a very shy personality in college but decided to write a poem and presented it in the school. I got rid of stage fright after a couple of performances and got introduced to Fatuma’s Voice. I found my home away from home.

My Hobbies
Hanging out with my friends, cooking, making new friends, driving and outdoor activities.
My motto in life: Work hard in silence, let success make the noise for you.

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