Erastus Mwonjoria Hinga

I am Erastus Mwonjoria Hinga . I am calm, quiet and collected.
I started writing in 2012/2013 after a heartbreak that crushed my dream career and my dream love story. I decided to share all that life had taught me. Looking back onto earlier life now makes me realize that I have had a lot to say since I was young.

My poetry uses simple English. I am not a fan of big complex words, since the beginning I have wanted to speak to everyone.

I felt that some poetry lovers had been blocked from poetry by poets who prefer using inaccessible vocabulary. I, however, try not to be mediocre and make my poetry to be thought and emotion provoking as much as I can.
I am inspired by anything and everything, moving or stationery.
I have had a thing for nature and martial arts since when I was young. Hence, if I am not milling out spoken or written words, you can catch me on top of Ngong hills trying to connect the top branches of the trees with my legs.
My motto in life is To be. Just be.
One of my poems got published in the buzz magazine. We also produced an online anthology called ‘The Sentence’ with Eldoret Poets Association. It carries two of my poems.

Poetry Idols
I enjoy reading Richie Maccs, Eddy Ongili, Sanya, SDP. Internationally I’m a great fan of verse legends like William Blake and Pablo Neruda.

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