Linda Wanjiru

I am Linda Wanjiru. Poetry is my release, therapy. I write poetry because it is a tool of influence. It delivers a message. It unites and connects the artiste and the lover of art.
I started writing in high school as a form of expression. I was also highly competitive in essay writing and compositions. I found that my imagination had no bounds. If I believed it and wrote it down, the person(s) reading it had to believe with me.

My poetry highlights general societal issues and how they affect us en mass and also individually. It also concentrates on individual struggles and experiences.

I describe my work as old and soulful.
Everything and anything is possible through Christ who strengthens me.

Reading anything informative, books, magazines, watching news, anything to do with cars; rally, autocross , swimming, dancing, singing and travelling.
My blog is a shared project between me and a Spanish friend. The goal is to have a poetry exchange between both the Kenyan and Spanish Culture.

Poetry Idols
Poets whose works resonate well with me include: Okot P’ Bitek, Chimamanda and Maya Angelou, Mufasa, Rixpoet, Teardrops, Lillian Kimari and Neo, Asha.

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