James Gikonyo AKA Lamebrain

More often than not, people ask me, “Why Lamebrain?” I really laugh to myself when this happens but as they say, curiosity killed the cat but Swahili wise men will argue, asking is never stupid. Before I answer this question, allow me to formally introduce Lamebrain. I am James Gikonyo Njoroge as the government of Kenya and my parents have registered me. I don’t know why but it is always an obsession insisting that I am an artist by nature. My eccentricity is based on the fact that I was born viewing things differently- at an artistic angle. Otherwise, where people view snakes as terrifying creatures, there are a great inspiration to me. I perceive them as some of the most intelligent creatures that the Almighty crafted with his transcendence. Anywho, I am first of all a writer.

A passion that sparked itself into my being as early as class three. I began with poetry and soon in class seven had started my first prose, which I finished in form two. I have written many other things including articles and a journal as well as scripts.

In terms of the public, I have won several awards in my childhood over that. However, as I grew up, the rejection of my manuscripts made me go back to myself. Nurture my writing from the beginning. That is how I became a Spoken Word artist.
I first began with Kenya Poets Lounge’s Fatumas Voice at PAWA 254, then Kwani Open Mic, Poetry Experience, Poetry after Lunch and Poetry Meets Comedy alongside other platforms where I have grown my stage presence. I may not be all that, but I believe we all start somewhere before we can consider ourselves real achievers! Enjoy my art which will include Short Stories, Rap, Poems, Spoken Word, and photographs, Paintings, Drawings, Videos and Articles on contemporary issues. I am an ambassador who believes in using art to bring about social change. My regards!

Poetry Events That Have Built Me

Fatuma’s Voice
Kwani Open Mic
Poetry Experience
Poetry After Lunch
Poetry Meets Comedy

Upcoming Events

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