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Eric Onyango Otieno

My name is Eric Onyango Otieno, on stage they call me Rixpoet. I began writing at 15 as an outlet of my pains and concerns through a difficult time then.At first, poetry was just a way of expressing myself. Then it grew to an avenue of impacting people’s lives. Now, I’m using it to make dreams come true, inspire, advise myself and other people. Now, it’s about life. It’s everything to me. My poetry communicates a deeper meaning of life.

Who will make the difference if everybody fears to do the right thing? – It’s Not Okay

But your presence in silence is music enough to get my heart dancing. – My Unwritten Poem

Sometimes smiles are the only stars shining in the darkness of our nights. – Keep Walking.

My hobbies include dancing Lingala, reading, meditating, sports, and creating conversations. I sing, rap, play football, teach, and make beats and when I’m not writing or performing poetry I’m probably on You Tube watching music videos or stuff on business. I also mentor young poets and manage company social media accounts.
One day when someone told me my writing prevented them from committing suicide. That hit me so hard. I cried.
The best advice I have been given was to live like an open book. Thus my two values I hold close uncompromisingly are honesty and transparency.
My most popular lines include;

There are never right ways of doing wrong things. – Silent Ladder

Poetry Idols
Poets whose works I enjoy:
Locally; Mufasa, Tear Drops, Tony Mochama, Oluoch Madiang, Richard Oduor, Namatsi Lukoye, Wanjiku Mwaurah, Ngartia Bryan, Kevin Orato, among many. Internationally: Maya Angelou, Pablo Neruda, Emily Dickinson, Alicia Harris, Suli Brakes, Propaganda, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Sylvia Plath and William Shakespeare.

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