Corinne Kahi Isige

My parents named me Corinne Kahi, and I chose to stick with it as a stage name as well.
I started writing in high school at 15 as a means of release and therapy for my teenage drama and poetry became my source of hope. I am a dreamer, I was always told my dreams were unrealistic and that made me strive to be a better writer.

My poetry mostly revolves around the themes of love, fear, God, change and hope. I am inspired by my experiences, experiences of people close to me, nature and movies!

My hobbies include dancing, rapping, acting, travelling and meditating. If I am not writing or performing, I am probably online doing research, learning from YouTube, I have a dangerous affair with the internet. So far the best thing someone told me as a poet is that they understood salvation through my poem and got born again that day, that was such a blessing.

Poetry Idols
Poets I look up to include: Rixpoet, Mufasa , Alysia Harris, Jackie Hill, Joshua Bennet, Sarah Kay, Jeanette Ikz, Ezekiel Azonwu, Zora Howard, Sylvia Plath, Sophia Thakur.

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