POEM: SHE’S A NIGHT DANCER Poet: Alexo de Nganga

In her small room,she slowly moves her body,
She wines,
All by her self.
She dances,her eyes closed,
She dances holding the air as if she’s being hold,
She dances in the dark all by herself.
She hates the light,
She curses the light.
It took her love,
The light took her heart away…
She was once danced during the day,
She once loved the light.
She met her love in the day,full of light,
They would dance daily in the light,
They kissed,hugged n romanced,
In the presence of the light,
The light was the only witness of how they loved,
The light knew everything.
They loved one another more than they loved themselves.
Love was their breath.
Love was their dish,
Love was their speech.
Only the light knew it.
But soon,the lover vanished into the night,
He was swallowed by the darkness,
She tried to search for him in the deepest places but,
He was no more,
He was gone for ever.
She was left alone,
No one to dance with,
No one to love,
No one to hold.
She was empty,
No heart,it was Brocken beyond repair.
She hate the light,
It wouldn’t protect her love.
She now dances in the dark,
Trying to look for his love in the dark,
She loves the dark.
Only the dark knows her suffering,
Only the dark witnesses the tears cried,
Only the dark sees the pain felt.
She’s a night dancer.

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