it smells like a good month for
no work more sleep
i feel the different smell in the
it choking the core sweetness in my
it lighting my heart to smile,
the smell is colliding with my taste of
ooh I feel I can eat a whole whale and
finish with an ostrich,
the hunger is rising and my stomach
spaces ending
the toilet paper is rolling the taste is
good I can’t stick on one,
variety is blending in the food is
shaking out,
this month will suffocate my
it will create spaces on fed places,
it will water tongues and break
dear sweetheart I can’t talk my mouth
is busy
I can’t see you coz my eyes are
blinded by the beauty of food,
I can’t smell your new perfume coz
my nose is fixed on the barbeque,
I can’t her you sweet voice coz my
eyes are listening to the champagne
my hands can’t calm you down coz
they are tossing and frying food,
my legs can’t run to you coz they are
holding wings of birds to be eaten,
my attention I can’t give you coz my
stomach is in my brain,
its eating up this years bad memories
to create space for next year,
so let my stomach have freedom coz
this comes ones a year,
let it sleep and wake up with food,
let it have stories to tell when the
year begins,
let it fly free and don’t stop it you
can join it,
so let the stomach smell and fed coz
its free..

Poem: I SMELL EATING FREEDOM Poet: Sanzy Chef Muna

Poem: I SMELL EATING FREEDOM Poet: Sanzy Chef Muna

Poem: I SMELL EATING FREEDOM Poet: Sanzy Chef Muna

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