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James Gikonyo AKA Lamebrain

Kenyan Poet

James Gikonyo AKA Lamebrain A passion that sparked itself into my being as early as class three. I began w

Watulo Faith

Kenyan Poet

Watulo Faith Being consistent and persistent in what i do is what has brought me this far. I believe that

Real Proper Like


Real Proper Like I thank God for every waking moment, every joy, for all highs and the lows which I believ

Corinne Kahi Isige

Project Manager

Corinne Kahi Isige My poetry mostly revolves around the themes of love, fear, God, change and hope. I am i

Eric Rixpoet Otieno

Managing Director

Eric Onyango Otieno Who will make the difference if everybody fears to do the right thing? – It’s Not