Welcome to the Kenyan Poets Lounge :-)

The Kenyan Poets Lounge has been the one stop place for all Kenyan Poetry and Poets. It is a place of discovery and growth.

Our main aim is to create awareness of Poetry/art/Literature as well as encourage its appreciation.

This is a new idea that may increase the clout for Kenyan poetry, Kindly get in touch with us to find out more about us or inquire how you can join us: CONTACT

Kenyan Poets Lounge is a poetry hub for all poets, lovers and admirers of poetry. It is the first of its kind in Kenya, incorporating poets from a wide range of poetry groups.

Out of a need to grow in the poetry industry, we realised that uniting poets would be the most viable way.

Our 5 Main Services:

  1. Kenyan Poets Lounge sources poets for corporate bodies and/or individuals who have certain events in which they need poets to perform.
  2. We update our followers on all art events happening around and out of Nairobi so they may choose which ones they would love to attend.
  3. We support poetry workshops and other forums in which artists sharpen their skills by linking the latter with sources of the necessary advice they might need concerning improving their work.
  4. We give young and upcoming poets a platform to showcase their work, by creating events, securing them performance slots in other events as well as offering them advice and linking them up with professionals, on how they could package their work, increase its quality and also get paid for it.
  5. We incorporate other art forms like Music, Modelling, Design and Art in our events so as to promote the harmony needed in Kenya’s art scene.

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Featured Poets

Mufasa Poet – Ken Kibet

Kenyan Poet

Mufasa Poet – Ken Kibet Education is the key, but with dignity, humility and respect; you have a bunch of keys. – @muf

Peter Moll (Mr.P)

Kenyan Poet

Peter Moll (Mr.P) I truly believe in the youth being the leaders of today, and no longer are we the leaders of tomorrow and i take

Glady Mwende

Kenyan Poet

Glady Mwende Love is the first law. Apart from poetry, I am passionate about film production, currently taking a degree in that fi

Stephen Partington

Kenyan Poet

Stephen Derwent Partington My poetry I describe as accessible. My early writing was full of Modernist allusions and foreign langua

Sally ‘Wesh’ Waweru

Kenyan Poet

Sally ‘Wesh’ Waweru My stage name is Sally Wesh Sally is the shortform of Salome, Wesh is short form of Waweru.I start