Featured Poets

Mufasa Poet – Ken Kibet

Kenyan Poet

Mufasa Poet – Ken Kibet Education is the key, but with dignity, humility and respect; you have a bun

Peter Moll (Mr.P)

Kenyan Poet

Peter Moll (Mr.P) I truly believe in the youth being the leaders of today, and no longer are we the leader

Glady Mwende

Kenyan Poet

Glady Mwende Love is the first law. Apart from poetry, I am passionate about film production, currently ta

Stephen Partington

Kenyan Poet

Stephen Derwent Partington My poetry I describe as accessible. My early writing was full of Modernist allu

Sally ‘Wesh’ Waweru

Kenyan Poet

Sally ‘Wesh’ Waweru My stage name is Sally Wesh Sally is the shortform of Salome, Wesh is shor

Muthoni Gitau

Taka Safi

Muthoni ‘Msooh’ Gitau My main reoccurring theme is mostly self-worth and self-appreciation. I

Ngatia Bryan

Stori Zetu

Ngatia Bryan I began writing as far back as I can remember. My poetry is highly narrative and descriptive.

Linda Wanjiru

Project Linda Jamii

Linda Wanjiru My poetry highlights general societal issues and how they affect us en mass and also individ

Nuru Bahati Shukrani

Event Host

Nuru Bahati Shukrani love and justice are both blind Success is relevant About My Poetry I describe my poe

Hinga Mwonjoria

Kenyan Poet

Erastus Mwonjoria Hinga My poetry uses simple English. I am not a fan of big complex words, since the begi

Corinne Kahi Isige

Project Manager

Corinne Kahi Isige My poetry mostly revolves around the themes of love, fear, God, change and hope. I am i

Eric Rixpoet Otieno

Managing Director

Eric Onyango Otieno Who will make the difference if everybody fears to do the right thing? – It’s Not

Allan Mwangi Melchowistz

Allan Mwangi Melchowistz Writing has always been in me, I earned a fortune in my highschool heydays throug

Real Proper Like


Real Proper Like I thank God for every waking moment, every joy, for all highs and the lows which I believ

Watulo Faith

Kenyan Poet

Watulo Faith Being consistent and persistent in what i do is what has brought me this far. I believe that

James Gikonyo AKA Lamebrain

Kenyan Poet

James Gikonyo AKA Lamebrain A passion that sparked itself into my being as early as class three. I began w